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Zaha Hadid Stand

Together with the restoration of our great-grandfather's shop, and to commemorate so many years dedicated to the creation of quality wines across the generations, we decided to allow ourselves  another architectural luxury. In our decision to restore the modernist stand and use it in the Food and Drink Fair of Barcelona to celebrate our 125th anniversary, we encountered a problem: the stand had to be located in the open air. For this reason, and so that the stand could recover its former splendour and utility, we thought of creating an exterior structure that would cover it and protect it. In López de Heredia, we were familiar with and admired the work of Zaha Hadid, an Iraqi architect based in London and known for the spectacular nature, innovation, art, daring and subtlety of her work.

We commissioned her for this project, and she got to work immediately. The innovation and sensitivity she displayed in integrating tradition with modernity; wine with aesthetics, and nature with architecture, produced the building we see today.

boutique Zaha Hadid Stand at López de Heredia

This is the first contribution of our firm to the world of modern architecture. Hadid’s sensitivity and her understanding of our company philosophy led to a mutual understanding from which this new project was born., namely a building project for a new extension to our existing bodegas, which now houses the old stand and a shop, entertainment and exhibition area.
Throughout the 147 years of our existence, we at López de Heredia have always shown an interest not only in the meticulous care of our vineyards and the winemaking process, but also for the aesthetics of our buildings, our products and our entire image. It is not a case of gratuitous looks or pleasure in contemplating beauty; it is a philosophy of integration, which completes the magic of the wisdom of the land of the region of La Rioja and the time it allows us: the transformation of the grape into fine quality wines.

Over the last 147 years, the different generations of the López de Heredia family have dedicated themselves to the purpose of achieving exceptional wines, masterpieces of craft and refinement, capable of competing with the best in the world; a desire that the founder of the winery, don Rafael López de Heredia y Landeta, defined as the “Rioja Supremo”. Founder of a  large dynasty that has stayed in family hands since 1877, he had a clear vision of the future, outlining plans and projects that his descendents have continued to develop in the Haro winery up to the present day. Zaha Hadid, a specialist in establishing dialogue with the environment by means of architecture, participated with us, encouraging the passion for beauty and care in carrying out work that is to be left as a legacy to the land that has helped us grow vines over the last 147 years.

Zaha Hadid’s portfolio covers all areas of design, from great urban intervention to small products, including the design of interiors and furniture. She herself defines her work as "unclassifiable", and questions all the formally accepted architectural norms, which restrict and limit her work. Her architecture does not respond to one single function, but is aimed at creating spaces that give rise to a multitude of experiences both for those who use them or simply wander through them.

She has her own studio in London, and her portfolio includes designing the Vitra Fire Station and the LF one pavilion in Weil am Rhein, Germany; a housing project for IBA-Block 2 in Berlin, Germany, and the Mind Area in the Millennium Dome in Greenwich, London, England. Hadid's works also form part of the permanent collections of institutions such as the MoMA in New York, the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco and the German Architecture Museum in Frankfurt.

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