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Zaha Hadid's Stand

Zaha Hadid Building containing the 1910 stand

The visitor’s pavilion and the process of adapting the entrance and yard, is the first stage in Bodegas López de Heredia’s global museum project that it is developing to promote a greater awareness of its facilities and history.

The visitor’s pavilion is a modular metallic construction situated in front of the old bodega buildings, and in the future will become the visitors’ access to the bodega. It was conceived as a movable  building, and was erected to mark the 125th anniversary of the bodega in the 2002 Alimentaria Fair in Barcelona.  The pavilion also houses a stand used in the Brussels exhibition from the early 20th century.

This building is integrated with the original construction by a lattice framework of metallic rails that also make up the new yard’s paving and accesses.

The Lopez de Heredia family is currently building new offices. The actual building will of course be preserved, and the new “social building” will be faithful to the original architectural style, but will attempt to adapt to the ever-growing needs of our customers.

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