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Collector's Corner

Below you can find a collection of brochures and publications related to the story of our bodega. Some of them were used for promotion purposes (labels, brochures and leaflets), while other form part of our cultural activities.

Some of these publications were produced locally and sponsored by the bodega. These are especially interesting to both the lovers and collectors of Riojan culture. Only available on this site.

Etiqueta Globo

Label: Aerostato o Globo (128 x 85 mm.)
Issued in 1899. The first and oldest House label. From the balloon (HARO) hang barrels with the names of the five continents. Allegorically, it represents our founder ambition, Rafael López de Heredia y Landeta’s ambition to sell worldwide fine table wines (the “Supreme Rioja”, as he named it). Don Rafael, a demanding man with a sense for detail, hired the services of “Conthier-Dreyfus”, a Parisian printer whose technology and design were superior to contemporary Spanish designers.
Ref.: 02808

Etiqueta Marina

Label: Dedicatoria a la Marina de Guerra Española (135 x 96 mm.)
One of our most exciting labels, this article connects an historic event (the Cuban war) with the production of a special wine: Rioja Cepa Médoc. Its symbolic value is closely connected with the red overprint on the original label. The Spanish flag, together with slogans of patriotic exaltation and support for the Spanish Navy sent to Cuba. Rafael sent as a gift, 1,000 cases of this wine to victims of the war. On February 15th, 1898 the battleship “Maine” sank in Havana harbour and 265 members of the crew died. The USA and Mr. Heart’s (“Citizen Kane”) yellow press blamed the Spaniards for the sinking. This accusation, although false, was the excuse for the USA to declare war after an ultimatum (April 20th to 23rd 1898) which was rejected by Spain. After an unequal battle the powerful American fleet proved superior to the Spanish Navy and Spain was forced to leave the Caribbean island.
Ref.: 02709

Etiqueta Marina

Labels: Exposición "Viña Tondonia: un pago, una viña, un vino "
(111 x 120 mm.)
A collection of two labels commemorating the hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the birth of our founder D. Rafael López de Heredia y Landeta.
Ref: 02710 (green) 02711 (red)

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