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The Viña Tondonia Castle

On analysing plans for a project offered to a construction company from Bilbao, Gamboa y Domingo, it is clear that Don Rafael López de Heredia Landeta wanted to build an Arabic-style castle on the highest point of Viña Tondonia, after he purchased the parcel in 1907.

According to the Project, these engineers designed three building projects.  Foundations were laid and an underground wine cellar built at the top of the hill overlooking the meander in the River Ebro.

However, the First World War began in 1914, and one of his children passed away at the age of 17.  Discouraged, Don Rafael didn’t continue with his dream of building a Bordeaux-style chateau – a concept he had discovered in his travels.

Today the completed foundations and cellar keep watch over the flowing river, surrounded by our most emblematic vineyard, which celebrated its centenary in 2007.

Picture of the Viña Tondonia Castle Project of The Viña Tondonia Castle (1914)
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