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Viña Tondonia White Gran Reserva 1996

Tondonia Gran Reserva Blanco
Characteristics of the vintage:

Classified as VERY GOOD by The Rioja Regulating Council. We harvested very good quality red and white grapes. The production was lower than an average year. The grapes started to awake from the winter sleep from March 20th to the 30th. Budding started between April 15th to 20th and flowering between June 10th and 20th. The only climatological problem that we had was the poor fecundation of the Garnacha grape in Viña Tondonia. The maturation was perfect and we started the harvest two weeks in advance in comparison with a normal year. The weather during the harvest was fantastic so the quality of the fruit was perfect. In Rioja in general and specially in our vineyards we have had three fantastic continuous vintages but we particularly believe that this one will be the best of the three even when the previous ones: 1994 and 1995 were considered Excellent. The wine is at the moment at its perfect balance and elegance to be drunk already.

Wine developed and very balanced.
Gold evolved
Persistent, perfumed and complex.
Round, smooth, full of persistent aromas.
Grape Varieties:
Viura (90%) and Malvasía (10%), all from our own vineyards.
Ageing period:
Barrel: 10 years, being racked twice per year and fined with fresh egg whites. Bottle: Rest, unfiltered, bottled in 75 cl. bottles.
Alcohol Volume:
12% Vol.
Total Acidity:
6.5 g/l.
Residual Sugar:
Very Dry.
All kinds of fish either boiled or grilled, preferably with sauce. All types of rice, including risotto-style. All different kinds of egg dishes. White meats such as chicken, turkey and pork. All pastas and cheeses (see below).
Storage Tempertaure:
10 years in perfect conditions of constant temperature (57ºF / 14ºC) and humidity (75-80%).
Serving Temperature:
57º to 61º F (14º-16º C) depending of mood and place.
Quantity made:
6,451 bottles.
Imagen antigua de la vendimia en Viña Tondonia Old picture of the harvest in Viña Tondonia Combines with dishes such as:
All types of fish, ideally firm-fleshed:
Grilled: sea-bass, sea bream, turbot, mackerel, underside of tuna, monkfish and hake neck cuts. In sauce: cod "al pil-pil" (poached in olive oil), cod "a la riojana" (with peppers and tomato), cod or hake cheeks, hake in parsley sauce, tuna with tomato, tuna with onions, monkfish in "sauce americaine" and so on.
Rice dishes:
Sticky, risotto-type rices in seafood stock.
Fish stews:
“Marmitako” potato and shellfish stew with lobster; potato and cod or monk fish...
A wide variety of scrambled eggs: with oyster mushrooms, prawns, garlic shoots, wild mushrooms and foie. Spanish omelette, or plain fried eggs.
White meats:
Roast or marinated chicken, turkey, duck, rabbit...
Sautéed with oyster mushrooms or seafood.
Hard cheeses.
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