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Viña Tondonia Weißwein Reserva 2009

Tondonia Reserva Blanco
Characteristics of the vintage:
This vintage was qualified as VERY GOOD by the DOC Rioja Board. The wine growing campaign proceeded as usual except for the heavy rains that took place in June, which however didn’t really affect the grapes’ setting. After these fertilization and absence of spring frosts there was a dry and hot summer, free of cryptogamic/fungal diseases, that resulted in an abundant harvest. We observed certain maturation disparities which could have been solved along October due to its appropriate climate for a restful and selective harvest. The collecting work began in Viña Gravonia in September 22nd and was extended until the 25th for the white varieties. For the red varieties the harvest restarted at Viña Tondonia in October 7th and didn’t stop until it was finished by October 24th.
Tasting note:
Colour: Natural gold, developed. Nose: Fresh, complex and developed. Taste: Smooth, round, fine and developed.
Grape Varieties:
Viura (90%), Malvasía (10%), all from our own vineyards.
Ageing period in barrels:
6 years, being racked twice a year and fined with fresh egg whites.
Ageing period in bottle:
Rest, unfiltered, bottled in 75 cl. bottles.
Alcohol Volume:
12.5% Vol.
Total Acidity:
6.6 g/l.
Residual Sugar:
Very Dry.
Perfect with all kinds of fish, irrespective of their preparation; grilled seafood, well-seasoned white meat (see below).
Storage Tempertaure:
10 years in perfect conditions of constant temperature (57ºF / 14ºC) and humidity (75-80%).
Serving Temperature:
57º to 61º F (14º-16º C) depending of mood and place.
Quantity made:
15,000 bottles.
Imagen antigua de la vendimia en Viña Tondonia Altes Bild der Weinlese in Viña Tondonia. Harmoniert mit diesen und ähnlichen Speisen:
Alle Arten von Fisch, vor allem mit festem Fleisch:
Gegrillt: Seebarsch, Meerbrasse, Steinbutt, Makrele, Thunfisch, Seeteufel und Seehecht. In Sauce: Kabeljau "al pil-pil” (in Olivenöl pochiert), Kabeljau "à la Riojana” (mit Pfeffer und Tomate), Kabeljau oder Seehecht, Seehecht in Petersiliensauce, Thunfisch mit Tomate, Thunfisch mit Zwiebeln, Seeteufel in „amerikanischer Sauce” etc.
Klebreis, Reis im Risottostil in Meeresfrüchtebrühe.
„Marmitako” Eintopf mit Kartoffeln, Schalentieren und Hummer, Kartoffeln, Kabeljau oder Seeteufel...
Eine breite Vielfalt von Rühreigerichten: mit Austernpilzen, Garnelen, Knoblauchsprossen, Waldchampignons und Leber. Spanisches Omelett oder Spiegeleier.
Weißes Fleisch:
Gebratenes oder mariniertes Huhn, Pute, Ente, Kaninchen...
Sautiert mit Austernpilzen oder Meeresfrüchten.
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